what's up, my name is donovan

me on the roof of a school in wallingford

hello ^w^ my name is donovan. im 18 and i live in seattle, washington. some of my hobbies include playing games with my friends, climbing, racing bikes, urbex, & just having a good time in general. some games I play at the moment (04/04/2024) are counter strike (both 2 and GO), valorant, phantom forces, geometry dash, & other popular games such as fortnite & apex. my discord is 1donovan if you want to add me. i also upload videos! currently it's mostly gaming stuff but i really want to branch out into vlog style videos & maybe just footage of climbing stuff in Seattle. for climbing, i climb around v5/6 and like 5.12a. climbing is a big part of my life and i love to share my progess! i think that's all you need to know about me, here's some cool pictures of my adventures.

sick shot of the city

my favorite climb in seattle, gasworks